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At Lamplight Films, we work diligently to tell your story. We look forward to sitting down with all of our clients, one-on-one, to discover his or her vision. 


Furthermore, we have the capcity to develop a broad idea into a full story, whether that be a commercial, short, or feature film. If you need assistance honing in on a concept, we have the professionals here to brainstorm, storyboard, and ultimately develop the ideal concept tailored to your needs. 


When you decide we're right for the job, we'll move forward into pre-production.


Locations, actors, crew - we are active in the St. Louis network and maintain relationships with key industry members to fill each of these roles. When it comes to your bottom line, we own all the gear necessary to bring your idea to life. And because we own the gear, we can negotiate a budget built specifically for you.


In general, we practice a hands on approach to filmmaking. We understand that collaboration is key to any successful project. We thrive on storytelling that engages an audience. If you bring us the script, we have the resources to put together your team. 









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