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Marshall the Miracle Dog

Directed by Jay Kanzler


Genre: Family


     Twelve-year-old Finn endures daily torment from the bullies at his school. But his life begins to change the day that he encounters a wounded Labrador retriever named Marshall.  In an E.T.-like game of cat and mouse, Finn must hide Marshall from his stressed-out single mother, Cynthia.


     It’s truly a race against time as Finn and his sassy 16-year-old cousin, Grace, try to find help for Marshall before his wounds fester and he dies of an infection.  Along the way, however, Marshall gets spooked and runs away from Finn. The dog embarks on a series of scary, funny, and heartwarming adventures, while everyone, including Cynthia and her love interest (the handsome veterinarian Doc Henry), desperately look for him. Finn faces his own challenges, too, as he continues to encounter the local bully and his mother – the hoarder who wants her dog back.


23 Minutes to Sunrise

Directed by Jay Kanzler


Genre: Thriller, Horror


     They say the darkest hour is just before dawn, and at the Sunrise diner it's very late indeed. Four couples find themselves at an out-of-the-way 24-hour diner, but they are not all that they seem. Intertwined throughout the night are a middle age couple who are at a crisis in their lives, a cook who thinks he is finally finding his way forward, a waitress in a bad relationship and a young punk and his girlfriend who think this is the last stop before the new world of imagined ease.


    But the strangest of all are the dark stranger and young girl who don't seem to be part of this world. A film about dreams gone bad, missed opportunities, love, fear and death.



The Lemp Legacy

Amityville Horror meets The Shining meets Poltergeist


Genre: Horror, Thriller


WIth the horrifying history of suicides and murders, the Lemp Mansion and Brewery is the inspiration for this scary psychological thriller.


    Fighting Depression, stuck in a dead-end job, and living with an even more dead-end boyfriend, Alice’s life seemingly takes a turn for the better when she finds out that she was adopted and that she is the long lost heir to the Lemp family estate.  With her mute 6-year old son Joseph, Alice decides to move into the mansion to start a new life.  After moving in, Alice begins to see strange things happening and images of an evil past that once took place among the rooms of the house.  As his mother becomes more distant, Joseph breaks his silence and begins talking to Zeek, an imaginary friend who lives in the attic. As Alice starts to investigate the history of the mansion and the true legacy of the Lemps, she slowly begins to lose touch with her son, herself and ultimately her reality.

Journey Through The Inferno



Empire of the Sun meets The Pianist


Genre: Historical, Drama


    This is the inspiring true story of the young Jewish boy, Adam Boren, who flees from east Nazi-occupied Warsaw to only later fall into the hands of the enemy.  Using his intellect and resourcefulness, Adam escapes unnoticed after he witnesses the hanging of his father and brother and makes his way back to Warsaw.  He is smuggled into the ghetto and begins to participate in the uprising against the Germans before ultimately being captured and deported to the concentration camp of Majdanek.  With the threat of impending death, and witnessing the horrors of the holocaust, Adam, doing anything he can to survive, volunteers for work at Auschwitz, later being sent to Sachsenahusen and then finally sent on what seemingly is a march to his death.

Fatal Call

Directed by Jack Snyder


Memento meets Body Heat


Genre: Thriller


    Leaving his small-town roots to start a new life in the big city, Mitch begins an exciting romance with Amy, a beautiful mysterious woman he meets at a bar. As their romance seems to blossom, Mitch suddenly finds himself thrust into a nightmarish roller coaster ride, accused of murder and on the run, relentlessly pursued by both the law and an unknown killer. As every plot twist brings new secrets to light, Mitch must separate friend from foe, past from present and ultimately find the answers to the mystery before time runs out!



Sugar On The Floor



Trainspotting meets Pulp Fiction


Genre: Urban Drama


    This dark, gritty, urban “Alice in Wonderland”, explores the trials and tribulations of Faith Adams, a early 20’s Caucasian blues singer and devout preacher’s daughter, trapped in a perilous world of drug addiction and murder.


After being brutally raped and witnessing the murder of her mother, Faith’s life is thrust into a downward spiral of heroin addiction and danger.  While living her life in the belly of the underworld, Faith’s life takes a strange twist when she accidentally witnesses a brutal murder at a nightclub.  Soon after, she and her friends, Alex and Zoë, are pursued by the murderers Hector and Mouse two colorful yet ruthless hit men who will stop at nothing to cover their deadly tracks.  Shaken to the core and on the run, Faith begins to realize she has no choice but to come to grips with her inner demons and rediscover her lost spirituality, an aspect of her life she has long left behind.



The Tomb

Directed by Michael Staininger


Genre: Horror


Successful writer and scholar Jonathan Merrick falls under the spell of the irresistible, bewitchingly beautiful Ligeia. She's fighting a fatal illness and she will stop at nothing to defeat death, her one true enemy. She steals other people's souls and on her quest to immortality she tricks Jonathan into supporting her work, breaking him apart from his fiancé Rowena and pulling him into her dark, mysterious world. They settle down in an old manor by the Black Sea where Ligeia's everlasting presence slowly drives Jonathan to madness...


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